As a minimum lease time is set to 1 days calculated from the 24-hour system. (Time of return equal to the delivery time at departure date.)
The tenant must return the vehicle to a representative of ASV RENTAL CARS at the indicated date, time (max + 1 hour) and location. Any modification (extension or reduction) requires the written consent of ASV RENTAL CARS. Returns or delays in excess of one hour than indicated and to the first 3 hours are charged 50% of the daily rent while more than 3 hours are charged as additional day.
Fuel charged to the lessee and not refundable in case of dispute.
The tenant is responsible from the time of receipt of the vehicle and to the return and delivery of the vehicle to a representative of ASV RENTAL CARS fines and traffic offenses, illegal parking and administrative penalties for which is required to pay and deliver a certified copy of discharge act or proof, otherwise the charge amount of the call / infringement plus 15,00 € administration fee, will be made by our company or after the declaration of infringement of the same at the time of vehicle delivery, or after notification from the police or municipal authorities at a later time and with no time limit on these charges.
The lessee is required to inspect the vehicle (interior and exterior, to indicate any loss of recording depending on the Damage Table forward and return the vehicle to the same condition.
The safety of the vehicle is included in the rent covers the following:
A) death, injury or damage to third parties, not the occupants in the vehicle, b) damage to property of third, C) fracture crystals.
If the tenant involved in an accident at fault either and unknowingly (regardless of the coverage has accepted), and making a statement to the insurance company to pay the amount of 30% of the annual premium with minimum 100,00 € and the amount of 25,21 € + vat 24% as accident processing fee.
It is emphasized that in any case of an accident (collision, diversion etc.) or damage (scratches, scratches, etc.) and with any insurance coverage must immediately inform the traffic police (tel. 100) and ASV RENTAL CARS, and on his return vehicle be presented Sheet Rolling accident drafted by the traffic police and will bear all the induced damage and the corresponding loss of earnings, even if it had accepted the A.E.Z or “CDW”.
The renter can limit his liability by any vehicle damage in the amount € 400.00 + VAT 24% (or depending on the vehicle class, with a maximum exemption of € 1.500,00 + VAT 24%) if accepted prior to the signed Waiver Damage clause or “CDW”.
Cost of Damage Waiver for categories A, B, C, D, E is set at 5,00 € / day for groups E, F, K at 10,00 € / day while for categories M, N, O in 15,00 € / day.
The Damage exemption or “C.D.W.” has no effect, even if the following has been agreed and accepted cases:
Participation in competitions or draw the vehicles, trailers and other trailers.
To load things beyond the capacity of the designated vehicle from the manufacturer.
Unilateral Liability consensus by the tenant in the event of an accident, without immediate notification of ASV RENTAL CARS and necessarily the presence of the Traffic Police (tel. 100) to provide Incident Bulletin copy.
Operation of the vehicle by any other person (whether or Driving License holder) undeclared front, regardless of the relationship to the lessee.
Operation of the vehicle lessee situated under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
Operation of the vehicle in violation of traffic regulations the Greek State or in a manner that endangers the vehicle passengers or third persons.
Operation of the vehicle not passable roads (unpaved)
Operation of the vehicle to carry persons or property for hire
Operation of the vehicle for any illegal or criminal action according to the Greek Legislation.
Vehicle operation to learning how to drive to third persons.

Explicit excluded from the exemption destruction or loss of tires, wheels and wheel caps, glass and glazing, sound system (RCD, DVD), antennas, instruments and the underside of the vehicle apart following an accident. Also not covered the inside (burning, tearing or soiling wallpaper) vehicle.
Note that damage repair and restoration cases, you may not select a workshop by the tenant beyond associates ASV RENTAL CARS, except the Official and Authorized Representation in Greece of the vehicle, but the estimated time of loss of earnings at the expense of the tenant.
The renter is charged with tax 24% of rent.
To better serve the tenant and avoid delays, the vehicle must be returned clean and ready for delivery control, or it may take time and costs 15,00 € for cleaning and inspection. The existence of bitumen requires additional work and costs 75,00 €.
interior / upholstery require cleaning charges with a minimum of 60,00 €.
The amount of fuel indicated on delivery of the vehicle on the rental agreement and should be equivalent to the amount of the refund. Smaller amount on delivery / return creates charge proportional to the amount consumed and the category of the vehicle and an amount of 3,00 € for replacement service.
Unused fuel creates no commitment refund excluding netting in next rental.
Deliveries or deliveries performed free of charge at the Macedonia airport, the railway station and the passenger port of Thessaloniki (Monday to Saturday 9:00 to 21:00)
Fee 4,50 € in hotels in the city of Thessaloniki
Fee 7,50 € accommodation in suburbs (Perea, Panorama)
These prices are subject to 24% tax
Nighttime deliveries – deliveries outside these hours or on Sundays are charged with 16,00 € + tax 24%
In case of a breakdown or an application for Roadside Assistance, the tenant can communicate with ………………………………………………………………………………… 24 hours. Providing Roadside Assistance does not work on island country if it is not declared at the outset and responsible for the repatriation of the vehicle, the lessee shall, at his own expense.
Loading a ship without the written approval of ASV RENTAL CARS, otherwise the lessee is entirely responsible for any loss or damage that may occur at sea, even if it had accepted the clause A.E.Z. or C.D.W.
Driving outside the Greek territory without written approval of the Company and a Green Card.

The following terms apply:
* No charge for cancellation up to 7 days before the delivery of the car. Become a full refund.
* Cancellations made less than 7 days and 24 hours prior to delivery will incur a charge of 20% of the total amount of your reservation.
* Cancellation in less than 24 hours from the delivery time will not be refunded.
The cancellation request takes effect from the first opening hours of our office hours (including holidays) and not from the time you sent the cancellation request.

Website Terms of Use
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Your card details are transferred to a secure bank page. EUROBANK as a security certificate uses SSL encryption technology from Geotrust (Secure Socket Layer). SSL is a global internet standard and offers encrypted SSL communication. Transactions with Visa and MasterCard have been integrated into the corresponding 3D-Secure certification programs (Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode).
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The user is able to pay by credit card. The credit card is charged after checking and certifying the details and the validity of the credit card. The user is solely responsible for correctly recording the credit card information.
ASV RENTAL CARS accepts the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard. If a credit card payment method is selected through the website alone, you are accepted